You might have heard about Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ from television, radio, or internet ads. Both of these apps come as requirements to easily pair your smartphone into a vehicle's infotainment system. Over 20 new Toyota models now offer Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto was also recently introduced on 2020-2021 models. Find out which Toyota models offer smartphone pairing here at Toyota of Surprise!

Connect Your Phone to Your Car

The advent of smartphones has revolutionized communication. Over the years, since smartphones became mainstream, more and more auto companies work to adapt. Since the early 2010s, virtually all vehicles have installed compatibility with Bluetooth®. However, Bluetooth® only offers limited smartphone device usage. In the interest of safety, Bluetooth enables drivers only to make phone calls and play music wirelessly. With Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, you can pair your smartphone into the standard audio device fully. Use either app to access your phone's navigation system, voice recorder, music, podcasts, or phone.

How to Get Started

All the top new 2020-2021 Toyota models should come standard with Appel CarPlay® and Android Auto™ capability. To get started, download the most compatible application from your smartphone's app store. Then, connect your iPhone or Android device to the front USB port. You will receive an in-cart prompt asking you if you wish to activate smartphone pairing. Activate the Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ app from the vehicle, and you should be all set!

Most new Toyota models also offer compatibility with Amazon Alexa home devices as well. You should have the ability to pair these devices similarly.

Shop for a New Toyota Today

You will find most new Toyota models feature Android Auto™, as this feature was recently introduced for 2020 models. Almost all new Toyota models also support Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa devices. To find out if your desired new or used Toyota has smartphone compatibility, contact us at Toyota of Surprise. Shop for a new Toyota online and schedule a virtual or in-person test drive today. We hope to see you soon!